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The Corridor Woodturners tries to have a demonstration at each month's meetings that shows a new technique, tool, or  turning skill.  Links below give photos and short descriptions of recent demonstrations.


January, 2014 - Kevin Bierman - Hollowing
April, 2014 - Lance Zook - Use of the bowl gouge
May 2014 - Kevin Bierman - Natural Edge Bowls
July 2014 - Tim McGill - Custom Pens
March, 2015 - Bruce Kruse - Low Profile Hollow Forms - see April Newsletter
April, 2015 - John Cox - Hand Chasing Threads - see May Newsletter.
May 2015 - Byron Bohnen and Paul Rohrbacker - Threading Jig
August 2015 - John and Elizabeth MacDougall - dyeing technique and casting blanks
November 2017 -Tim Wehr -Stabilizing wood   a PDF file  click on pdf  to access the file
October 2018  Jim West  - Coloring and dyeing 4 PDF files- click on pdf to access files


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