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Byron Bohnen and Paul Rohrbacker - Threading Jig

In May, 2015 Byron Bohnen and Paul Rohrbacher demonstrated cutting threads with the EZ Threader. This jig facilitates the cutting of threads with the use of a dedicated cutter in the headstock and a worm screw to advance the item being threaded. The pitch of the worm screw determines the pitch of the threads. This method of threading will allow threads to be cut in a variety of timbers unsuitable for hand threading . The jig that Paul and Byron used is a refinement, by Paul, of the original . He considered it to be too “sloppy” so with some additional work he made it work to his liking, and now the manufacturer has incorporated the changes into the current model.

In on of the photos, Paul is advancing the box lid into the cutter to form the threads. The directions and techniques for the procedure were included in an article in the May newsletter by Byron.

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