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The links below are to woodturning sites our membership has recommended.  If you have any sites you would like to recommend, or a concern about any of those sites listed, please e-mail

Segmented Turning - Segmented Turning
Pens Kits
Sanding - High speed sanding by Bill Nedow
​Sites - turning an Easter egg without a jig - John Taylor 3 Sided Bowls  -  Around the Woods  -  Wood Central - Stateline Woodturners - Turned Treasurers - Wood Turning Videos - David Reed Smith's Site - Larry Marley's Site - Midwest Wood Art Site - Harry Nohr Woodturners Site - Wood Toxicity Chart
   Richard Raffen taking about chucks
   Richard Raffen talking about, and showing, catches
    Why you don't use a spindle gouge on bowls! -
    John Jordan's website
     Boiling green bowls to prevent defects by Steven Russel
Finishes - CA Glue for pens - CA glue for pens - CA glue for pens - Guide to clear finishes
How to Sharpen a Skew - Woodcraft
How to Sharpen a Parting Tool - Woodcraft   
Tool Sharpening Basics - Woodcraft
Bandsaw Information
Bandsaw Clinic with Alex Snodgrass
Best Way to Set up Bandsaw - Alex Snodgrass shorter version
Youtube Woodturning Channels  -  Captn Eddie's Channel  -  The Wood Shop
The Negative Rake Scraper - Beginner's Guide #8 - Mike Waldt

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